Engine Management / Data Solutions

: Wire Harness and Loom Systems / Cable Management
: Engine Management Design and Development
: Data Acquisition & Logging / Display Systems
: Intake / Exhaust Manifold Design & Manufacturing
: Engine Dyno Testing - DTS – Dynamic Testing Systems
: Engine Dyno - Froude F249
: Horiba and ETAS Lambda Monitoring







Final ConnectionTM

Engine Management / Data Acquisition

Complete engine packages professionally tuned utilizing the latest engine management technology and lightweight component design. We use a wide variety of high quality engine management and data systems, such as, AIM Sports, OBR Engine Controls, MoTec, and others.  Coupled with experience, optimized component design and machining services, we offer a rare support advantage.  Contact us to learn more.


Design : Manufacturing : Production

Today with advanced materials and our diverse assortment of CNC machine equipment, Mode continues to produce the ultimate, lightweight performance hardware that gives you the decisive advantage.

MODE :: Motorsport Engineering and Manufacturing Services - Product examples - We design and manufacture both simple and complex 3D products for larger OEM companies or smaller scale tuning shops.  We are proud to provide services and parts used by top motorsport teams around the world.
MODE :: Engine Management System - MoTec M800 - MoTec Traction Control System - Mil-spec Connectors - Wire Harness / Loom System Developed for Porsche Turbo RSRMODE :: AIM Evo4 harness for a BMW DTM E30 M3 - This custom harness was developed that mates the Evo4 with the engine harness, resulting in a seamless integration into the engine management system.MODE :: Design and Engineering Services  -  We utilize the latest state-of-the-art 3D digital design software, Siemens NX, integrating fully associative CAD / CAM / CAE applications.MODE :: Motorsport Design - Porsche & Motorsport Engineering